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Let us introduce you to our unique Thribe Builders Bootcamp. We dare to say unique as this Bootcamp will be something you have never experienced before.

The Thribe Builders Bootcamp is an intense and exclusive 5-day program during which you’ll re-think your complete HR strategy. A strategy that will be based on +100 employer branding insights that will make you a top employer. The only thing you have to do is just do it!  Implement your new HR strategy and you’ll attract and retain the talent you were always looking for. Sounds awesome right?

But there is more. Every day ends with a unique experience in our famous Branded.Careers style! Why? Because if we just talk about experience, you won’t really remember it. If you live our experiences, on the other hand, you’ll never forget what this bootcamp is all about! You’ll be so pumped; no policy or excuse will ever stop you from achieving your goal.

So, are you ready to evolve and become a thribe?


International Thribe Builders bootcamp in Antwerp (Belgium)

24 februari 2020
25 februari 2020
26 februari 2020
27 februari 2020
28 februari 2020

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What’s in it for you?

Every reason to join Thribe Builders is a good reason, but understandably, you want to know what’s in it for you, right? Here’s the list: 

      • You have made your own People Plan based on the next level of HR Strategy, ready to implement!
      • You have your own new Video you can use for authentic internal and external communications.
      • You have your own personalized and branded job website.
        We make you grow both personally and professionally. We take you (and your organization) out of your comfort zone to install growth by culture.
      • You are a true member of the unique Thribe Builders Community.

Add this all up, and you’ll officially be a certified Thribe Builder!

The Bootcamp Program


Sharing the importance of Employer Branding. Searching the story of your company

In the context of Employer Branding it is important to think on a high strategic level about who you are as an employer and why people want to work with you. Based on this EVP you can create your own unique story.

On the first day of this journey:

    • You define your authentic company story
    • You discover your status as an employer and which values you offer to your current and future talent
    • You define the future of you as an employer

After the kick-off you dispose of a clear story towards your employees and new talent. It will be very obvious what’s your current story and the way you need to elaborate.


Deep dive into the daily experiences of your employees Searching for the factors that define your work environment. Rituals are a very important part of each day.

Which rituals are already alive today? Which new rituals do you need to install to optimize your work environment and the feeling/vibes at your employees? Your employee experience will become now as important as your customer experience in your company.

During the second day:

    • You discover the 3 pillars of employee experience and how these 3 pillars influence the daily experience of your employees.
    • You discover the importance of the number 5
    • We determine new rituals for your employees according your EVP

After this day you create a work environment where people WANT to work and no longer NEED to work. A work environment with a natural variety of focus, relaxation and contact with other colleagues.


Focus on recruitment and onboarding of new talent. Looking to the ultimate formula how you can welcome new talent on a very succesful way.

Each company shall have a recruitment procedure. How is your current flow of an application and onboarding ? Is this procedure in line with your daily work environment where your (new) employees end up.

It’s important to integrate your values (and rituals) of your company into your recruitment and onboarding procedure. So you prevent mismatches and you avoid (new) talent to leave quickly.

On this 3th day:

    • You halve the cost of every recruitment
    • You are aligning your recruitment and onboarding procedure with your Employer Value Proposition.
    • You rebuild your current onboarding procedure in order to welcome your new colleagues in a warm and authentic way so each new employee will feel at home immediately.

After this day you totally realigne your recruitment and onboarding procedure with your new Employer Brand.


Focus on communication. Learning different ways to tell your story to your target audience You can not … not communicate. So you better handle it consciously. Which channels do you use to tell your story? And does your story reach your target audience? Authentic communication ensures that you build a community with the right talent.

During the 4th day:

    • You identify the right target audience for your job offer(s)
    • You get the start for a content marketing plan for 12 months
    • You learn how to make and edit videos yourself
    • You build your own Employer Branding website

After this day, the right talent will not be able to ignore you anywhere.


Graduation Day is the day to bring together all the knowledge from the past sessions. Tell us (and the jury) everything about your Employer Brand so you can become a true certified Thribe Builder!

Hello, we are Branded.Careers

The Thribe Builder Bootcamp is organized by Branded.Careers.

Branded.Careers is a Belgian based employer branding agency with a strong focus on creating experiences.

We believe that experiences create the right impact for your (potential) employees and customers and that’s what we do every day in a one-on-one partnerships.

But we want to help more companies and therefore we have created the Thribe Builder Bootcamp. Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to become a top employer?

The only thing that separates you from being a top employer is this register form. Hint 😉

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Learn in a week what most HR-professionals never learn. Not because they are stupid but because they focus on the wrong things. You are not stupid right? Join our international Bootcamp from November 18th till the 22nd in Antwerp. And we will teach you all the right things!